gf and me’s favorite fall entertaining recipes

With American Thanksgiving just around the corner, Geoff and I thought that – even though it feels like midwinter here – we’d post some of our favorite fall recipes for our readers further south. As always, all of the recipes are gluten free. Happy Thanksgiving!gluten free thanksgiving

gluten free apple and raisin stuffing

grilled turkey breast

holiday honey mustard ham

gluten free scalloped potatoes au gratin

gluten free pumpkin tarts

mary’s marvelous gluten free cream puffs

mary’s magnificent gluten free pastry

gf and me’s gluten free rustic apple tarts

gluten free pumpkin pie cheesecake


gluten free apple and raisin stuffing

Our thanksgiving stuffing is based on a traditional family recipe that’s loaded with onions, raisins, and apples. This is a great basic recipe, though, so indulge your inner foodie and make it your own with additional spices, dried fruit, nuts – you get the idea!  gluten free apple raisin stuffing. gf and me 2013.If you already have a favorite non-GF stuffing recipe that you want to convert, use gf sausage and crumbs/cubes and be prepared to add extra moisture to the mix.

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