trimble cake – believe it or not, this is gluten free

Trimble Cake is a luxurious Orange Chiffon Cake that my mom always made for birthdays or special occasions. She would bake it in a tube pan and ice it with sticky and oh-so-sweet seven-minute frosting. But baked in an oblong pan, it adds a delicious twist to strawberry shortcake, which is how it is prepared here. It’s named after the neighbour who generously gave my mom her amazing recipe.

gluten free chiffon cake

… all dressed up

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gf and me’s decadently dark chocolate cake

Makes a large, rich cake that’s moist and full of chocolaty goodness. We highly recommend it!

Dark Chocolate Cake

This cake would make a great gluten-free birthday cake for any chocolate lovers you know! Try it with a scoop of Chapmans Gluten Free Vanilla Ice Cream – awesome.

TIP: If you like mocha, top your cake with coffee whip. Recipe included below.

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