tina’s three-ingredient slow cooker pulled pork

tina's pulled pork. gf and me 2013Throw three simple ingredients in your slow cooker in the morning and have amazingly tender pulled pork ready for dinner. Serve it on a gluten free bun (or Udi’s bagel as shown here) with coleslaw or potato salad and a New Planet Blonde Ale – can summer evenings get any better?

Great for informal entertaining, this pork tastes like BBQ ribs but is soooo much easier! It is inspired by our sister-in-law’s recipe. Thanks Tina for the recipe and for all the great GF meals!

What you’ll need:

4 apples, peeled and diced

4 1/2 to 5 pound pork loin

2 – 1 cup portions of gluten free BBQ sauce (We prefer Cattleboyz brand for this recipe)

Optional ingredients:

Add some or all of the following if you want a more intense flavour: ¼ teaspoon onion powder, ¼ teaspoon garlic powder, pinch of ginger, and/or red pepper flakes.

What you’ll do:

Layer apples in bottom of slow cooker, place pork loin (fat side up) on top, and pour 1 cup of BBQ sauce over top of the loin. (Add optional ingredients if using)

Cook on low for 8 to 10 hours.

TIP: Many things can be cooked in the slow cooker on high for half the amount of time, but we don’t recommend it for this. Cooking on high tends to make the pork a bit tough and dry.

Remove pork from slow cooker and tent with foil for at least 5 minutes to retain juices. Meanwhile, mash apples in the cooker and add the second cup of BBQ sauce.

Uncover the pork loin and shred using two forks. Return pork to slow cooker and heat for 20 minutes or until warmed throughout.

Serve with a GF bun or Udis bagels, coleslaw and/or potato salad.

TIP: Udi’s everything bagels work really well for this. To make them even softer, wrap them in tinfoil and put in slow cooker to plump for the last twenty minutes of cooking time.

Like this? Try our slow cooker swiss steak or cowboy chili – also great comfort foods.

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