GF Pizza Bagels

These make a great lunch or a quick dinner for those busy nights. Easy to make and everyone loves them.

Udi’s Plain Gluten Free Bagels


Pizza Sauce

Your favorite GF pizza toppings

Kraft shredded pizza cheese

To begin, you’ll need to thaw your bagels.

TIP: If you live anywhere beyond a mile or two from a major gluten free store, you’ll probably have to buy your GF bagels from the freezer section like we do. And yes, thawing a bagel sounds pretty simple, I know, but GF foods need to be handled a bit differently than “glutinated” foods in order to keep their flavor and texture. You CAN thaw GF bagels in the microwave on defrost, but if you have time,YOU’LL BE HAPPIER if you let them thaw on the counter. Microwaving GF baked items tends to dry them out and bring out a grainy texture.

Slice the bagels in half, butter them, and toast them face down in a GF frying pan on medium heat until they plump up (or soften) and brown.

Remove from the frying pan, place on a GF cookie sheet, and cover with pizza sauce.

TIP: Your favorite store bought GF sauce will do, or try making your own with gf and me’s the Best Ever Pizza Sauce recipe. Click here.

Then cover with slices of pepperoni (or ham, or whatever toppings you like) and cheese.

Put your oven rack in the middle of your oven, turn the oven on broil, and place the cookie sheet on the rack. Broil the bagels until the cheese melts just the way you like it!


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